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Check out a few testimonials from people like Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, and countless other Entrepreneurs. You'll quickly see that working with us is the smart choice!

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Hear what Russell Brunson had to say...

"Our videos blew up over night and got millions of views and it was all because of the videos that Kevin made for us."


Hear what Brendon Burchard had to say...

"Love you man. You're the most talented guy on video I've ever met. Some people are only good at parts of it, but you're good at ALL of it!"

Jonathan Cronstedt

President - Kajabi

"The videos Kevin and his team made for us simply got results and we'll be using these awesome assets for months to come. Highly recommend!"

James Green

"The Ad that they made for us is giving us an $8 ROAS versus a $1.5 ROAS with our previous ads."

Joel Kellman

"The video ad you guys did for us lowered our cost per acquisition from $80 to $8."

Brian Page

"The Ads that Kevin has made for us consistently perform and have made us millions of dollars."

Dave Lindenbaum

"The video you helped us with for our webinar had a 71% opt-in rate at .73 cent leads... Almost 10 times higher opt-in than any other webinar I or anyone I know have ever seen.”

Chris & Aileen Rensink

Enchanted Fairies

"The video ad you sent us lowered our cost per lead from $226 to $109. Amazing."

Luke Infinger


"The videos they've produced for me have consistently produced results. I'll continue to hire them to make videos for me and my agency."

Matt Milne

Solar Leads Marketer/ Consultant

"I've never found a video ads team that gets marketing like they do. It's nice to be able to hire someone and know that it's going to get done right."

Jen Marie

"The video they produced generated multiple 6 figures, FAST! We got so busy that we had to turn off our ad campaign."

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